Purpose of tablet salt for water treatment systems.

Where used?

  • Home appliances and water treatment stations
  • Industrial water treatment plants
  • Car washes
  • Industrial water treatment plants

In Poland, treatment agents are used more and more often. A specialized installation for softening water is used for this, in which salt tablets are used, otherwise known as tablet salt or tablet salt.

Excessive use of softeners causes water hardness, which causes, among others, limescale, which reduces the efficiency of the heating process and significantly increases fuel consumption. Therefore, tablet salt is produced from evaporated salt with an anti-caking agent content below 3 mg / kg and does not contain any mechanical impurities. The tablets offered in our warehouse are stored in good warehouse conditions. The tablet is odorless and its use will provide the water with excellent parameters. Water is completely safe for health and ready for immediate use.


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